April 18, 2009 9:01 PM

Adventuers of the Molecular Toxicology Major

One of the best things about MolTox is the people that you get to know and they way you spend time with them--academically, in laboratory, and outside of brain-work. This time, my MolTox buddies and I ventured out into the world, away from Berkeley, to just hang out. Our mission was: PAINTBALLING! Only one of us had ever been, so we were all excited and somewhat fearful of the pain. (not that the guys would admit it). Thus, 9 MolTox seniors went to American Canyon (30 min north of Berkeley) in order to train our bodies and to engage in teamwork, since it had been more than a month from the time we last had a project where any of us worked together. Unfortunately, we forgot that its spring break for many high schoolers, so the place was packed and there wasn't enough rental equipment at a reasonable price. So what to do?

Fortunately, American Canyon is located in Napa County, so there was something else for us to do. What else in Napa but wine-tasting! So we merry Molecular Toxicology comrades went off to an adventure. Adam, with his 3G Apple iPhone, was the navigator. Luckily, Adam had visited Napa before so we followed a trail that his parents had blazed out.


Our first stop was St. Supery where we were able to tour their factory as well as wine taste. Their gallery had an awesome sensory thing where you could smell different ingredients that they use in their wines. Their art.. quite a modern style, which you should go see if you're into that kind of thing. It was interesting learning about the process and our group picked up 5 bottles of wine there. The wines that we liked the most were reasonably priced (for the college student). Usually, St. Supery does not accept groups larger than 6 people unless they reserve ahead of time. Thankfully, God was gracious and warmed the hearts of the proprietors so that they were kind to allow our group of 10 (9 MolTox + 1 MCB) to enter. They had a list of 8 wines of which you can taste 4 for $15, or 8 wines of which you can taste 4 for $25. Being the broke but very comrady-comrades that we are, we did two tasting (so of 8 wines) as a group and shared the single cup. I sure none of us have mono...so we hope. heh. heh.

Our next stop was V Sattui Winery where they had a very reasonable taste 6 for $10 or taste 8 for $5. I was going down the taste 6 list. the first 5 were various reds, which I didn't quite enjoy. I'm more of a fruity person due to my training in sake. Our last one was was a dessert wine, Madeira. Just a single drop on my lips, and I was wowed. The warm aroma coursed through and the after taste was delightfully sweet. Not TOO sweet. Just enough. When the others had asked my opinion on the wines for the other wines, I had always just described the taste or it was "nice". This one, was "GooD." Anyways of the 5 of us that tasted this amazing concoction, 4 of us decided to buy it. Another person went for the Angelica, which is slightly similar, and another person helped us get the 10% discount by buying a random wine. The heafty price of Madeira though, has us all saving it for a very special occasion. Most likely graduation. =) Many though that our mothers would greatly enjoy it. (Mother's Day is less than a month away!)

Then we went for lunch at A&W + KFC combo place. I was surprised to see that A&W is a fast food place. I had always associated it only with root beer.

After, we tried a third winery. I didn't want anything else interfering with my mental taste memory of the Madeira, so I didn't go for it. No one got anything at this last place.

Well, what's my point of all this? Yay! Toxicology majors are more fun than other majors! Switch your major to toxicology now! Itts not too late!..i think. hehehe.

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