April 22, 2009 9:44 AM

My Future?

Someone commented on my previous entry and asked me a few questions:

1) Do I plan on going into medicine after graduation?

Yes, I do. I'm probably going to go straight to medical school, unless I don't get in. *knocks on wood* I want to study pediatrics and later maybe specialize in neonatal pediatrics.

2) Is CNR suitable for someone pursuing medicine?

I think so. All of the science majors have the same lower division requirements, which are the same ones needed for medical school. The generic major for premeds is MCB in L&S, but everyone's MCB. Microbial Biology (my major) is pretty similar to MCB. A lot of my upper division requirements and electives are MCB courses. Besides these courses, however, CNR offers a lot of interesting classes that you won't get in MCB, like Light MIcroscopy and California Mushrooms. Also, remember that your CNR advisor will always be there for you without the long line.

3) Is CNR mostly focused on plant biology and the environment?

Well, most of the majors do concern plants and the environment, but there are different "tracks" you can take for each major. Also, CNR has non-plant majors, such as Nutritional Science, Microbial Biology, and Molecular Toxicology.

Also, another good thing about CNR is that you can use your AP credits to fulfill the 7 Breadth Requirements from L&S, which you can't do in L&S.

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Comments (2)

Since when were there 7 Breath Requirements for CNR? Isn't that just for L&S?

Posted by SL | 2009-04-23

CNR students do have to do Breadth requirements. If you look on the Major Requirements sheet, you'll see "*Breadth-courses may be chosen from the following L&S 7 breadth requirements..." Most of us have AP credit, which we can use for those breadth. In L&S, they don't let you do that.

Posted by Victoria | 2009-04-23

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