April 23, 2009 1:41 AM

papers, stress, and five hour meetings

hi all! its been a while since i've updated you! the reason i'm writing this is to give you a little snapshot of my life to explain why I haven't been updating this blog too much. and the reason is...you might have guessed it... time!
In addition to this blog, I have two journals I like to write in to record the ongoings of my life, but i've been so busy i havent even had time to update either for a good two months or so! with the schoolyear rounding up I figure a short bulleted synopsis will be the least I can do to update this thing on my life.
1)What have I been busy with? I've gotten so used to repeating my extracirriculars over in my head that it just rolls off my tongue when people ask me. "lab,triathlon,work, and... oh yeah... I'm pledging for a frat"
2) what's that you say?! you're pledging for a frat?

3) as probably none of you know since you mostly don't know me, I am doing a few extracirriculars but none of them have consumed nearly as much of my time and energy this semester than pleding for Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity here at Berk. I first decided to rush because I wanted to get out and network with people but little did I know that I would have to go to SO many events (we're talking up to like...10 or more events a week! of course it depends on what YOU decide to sign up for, but beware...pledging for ANY frat is bound to take over your life).
4) My lab team has been wanting me to do a presentation on a topic in lab or of my choice. I decided to take on both! Next week I hope to present on restriction enzymes and coffee. what a match, huh?
5)speaking of coffee...I've only had my first sip of this stuff just a few months ago but for some reason I've managed to up my dosage to around two cups a day. It's gotten to the point where I can just drink it like water!! It scares me :(
6) Okay well i'll admit this is a pretty low quality update but it is 1:50 AM and I have an 8am tomorrow...which...is...in...6...hours. :( will give a better up date later! take care little fresh facers/readers

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