April 14, 2009 7:37 PM

Time to Plan!

Even though midterm season two is over for most of us, we need to start focusing on what we're going to do for summer. Hopefully, most of you guys have already thought about this and applied to research or other programs. If not, you guys should check out the Career Center's website or visit the Career Center and ask about summer programs with late deadlines. You can also email professors to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Anyways, this summer I'm going to go home to SoCal, again. We're actually moving this summer! Still SoCal, though. Since my sister is coming to Cal, my mom and my brother don't need that much space, so they're going to get a smaller place. Besides moving, I'm considering taking an MCAT prep course, but I keep switching back and forth on that decision. If you guys have any helpful advice, I'd love to hear your comments. If I do take the MCAT course, it'll be at night, so I'll be free the rest of the day. I'm hoping to get into a research lab, but if that doesn't happen, I'll just get a job.

Other than academics, hopefully I'll have some time for fun. I really hope we're going camping, again, this summer. Lake Tahoe is simply amazing. The scenery is beautiful and very refreshing. You get to spend time with your family and appreciate nature at the same time. The CNR side of me comes out when I go camping. I just think camping is such an awesome way to have fun because it's inexpensive, good for you, and completely no stress. While having an all day movie marathon is a lot of fun, I always end up feeling guilty for being completely unproductive afterwords. With camping, however, I feel totally energized and happy from the outdoor activities. Also, don't forget the s'mores at the end of the night! Roasting marshmallows on an open campfire and squeezing them between crackers and chocolate...blissful. I wish I had a picture to post on here, but I lost all my pictures from my last camping trip since my computer crashed over winter break.

Anyways, don't forget that this Saturday is Cal Day!! I'm volunteering at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology! It's the one of the year when the museum is open to the public, so you guys should come check it out!

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