April 4, 2009 2:37 PM

What if you don't get in to Cal?

Go ahead and label me as pessimistic, but there are people out there who's dream was to get into Cal and they didn't. Now what do you do? Go somewhere else? Pssh...no way! Don't forget about community college, just think you get to skip the cramped dorms, bad food, and save some money. I went to Diablo Valley Community College (DVC) for three years before transferring to Berkeley and I have no regrets. Financially for my family it was a decision we made in high school, I knew I wanted to go to Cal and that I would get there by going to DVC first. I didn't even bother applying to colleges in high school. I actually got called into the school counselor's office because they were concerned about me not going off "to a real school", which let me tell you right now is a bunch of crap.

I lived at home while at DVC and made the short 15 minute drive to campus and managed to save $40,000 which I would have had to take out loans for. The most frustrating thing about going to DVC was the negative stereotypes people have about community college, that I plan on going no where. Sure I have a few friends who are still at DVC 5 years later, but that wasen't me. I knew I had the drive and dedication to do what it takes to get into Cal. I've also run into plenty of people who have said "I wish I went to community college first" or "That's so great you're at DVC, way to be smart about saving money". I'm not saying to deny the other amazing schools you got into, but if you really had your heart set on Cal like I did, community college is a great route to go.

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