May 3, 2009 9:30 PM

Almost There!

Only 6 more days of school...and a few more days for finals. My panic hasn't really set in, yet. I have 2 finals and a paper due this coming Thursday and 2 more finals after that. I really should be panicking by now, especially over physics. I'm not particularly fond of physics and I really do not want to restudy everything for the final. Why must finals be cumulative?

I just spent this past weekend in a cocoon of blankets on my bed, with my laptop as my source of warmth. My heater has like a one foot radius of warmth, so it's pretty much useless to turn it on. It's actually a pretty comfortable way to study, except I can't really sit up straight in my bunk bed.

Anyways, as for my summer plans, I'm going to take MCAT prep classes at night, Monday to Friday, with an online test every Saturday. I'll probably spend the rest of my time studying or volunteering in a lab somewhere. I might go back to the lab I volunteered at last summer, but I'm not sure about that, yet.

I can't wait to go back to SoCal. The weather's so much nicer down there, so sunny and warm. This summer, I'm definitely going to go to the beach more often. I think I went once last summer.

Have you guys ever wished that people would stop being so productive over the summer and just enjoy summer? If you don't have to take summer school to graduate on time, why spend summer stuck in a lecture hall? Maybe acceptance panels at grad schools want to see that their applicants have a life. Maybe experience in working for Starbucks looks better than washing beakers for a lab. Which one would you enjoy more? A free latte everyday or an iodine stain on your hand?

And yes, I do realize I'm being hypocritical.

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