May 19, 2009 2:22 AM

Anecdotes about my time during finals!!!

So I have already passed the storm of finals that, for the past couple of days, has caused me to do nothing but study in my room. While I do still have Toxicology on Thursday morning I have already completed my more challenging finals. It seems that for me around midterm season and especially during finals I have a powerful craving for coffee with me having around 1-2 cups of it on a daily basis just to keep me awake past 4 am and for the taste that I have grown fond of over my time here at Berkeley.

So my first final was on Friday morning for Environmental Science. I had tried this studying/sleeping technique in which you study all night, yet still get around 2-3 hours of sleep. Any less and you won’t feel rested and anymore and you will wake up groggy so I guess it’s kind of a weird balance. This is great for finals when you have to do it for a couple of days, but by no means should you do this on a regular basis. So back to my story. I went to sleep at around 5 am and set my alarm for 7:20 am of which I woke up on time, however my pillow looked so comfortable so I decided to lay on it for a while. BIG MISTAKE! I woke up on my own at around 8:09 and my final was at 8am. I would normally not be freaked out, however I live in Unit 3 and the final was being given in Pimentel, which is quite far away so I naturally changed quickly and ran up until I was out of breath. I made it to the testing room by 8:15 luckily the exam only took me an hour and a half to finish so I didn’t really need those 15 minutes.
The worse, however, was Saturday which I had two finals so of course I had very little sleep that night. My final for ESPM was rather easy and only took me half the time I was given, however I did write a lot which gave me a cramp afterwards. The beast however was my O-chem final on Saturday night ahh!! I had studied for about two weeks on this final and felt confident that I was going to do okay going in however I was a bit disappointed that the test had a lot of past material. Sure it’s cumulative, but Frechet stressed heavily that most of the final would cover the most recent unit….which was a bit false, but I guess it’s my lame excuse for not study as a much as I should have.
Having completed 3 finals and almost tasting summer I have found it rather difficult to muster up the energy and drive to study for my Toxicology midterm. This exam will determine whether I get a “B” or an “A” so I should study more…but I just can’t.

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