May 31, 2009 3:56 PM

Apartment Freedom!

So a couple of weeks ago I was pretty sad about leaving the dorms, but then the realization of having my own apartment set in. YESSS!!! While the apartment has rules I feel like I have more freedom to do what I want in the apartment. I still live near campus so I will still enjoy having the opportunity to wake up at 8am and still make it to class…oh wait my earliest classes next semester are at 9:30 on Tuesday and Thursday. A much needed improvement from last semester where I had class 3 times a week at 8am and 2 days when class started at 9am. When I move into my apartment in a month or so for summer school my first order of business of having my own place is probably get a hamster…yes, for me, this is thinking big.

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Comments (1)

Thanks for it.

Posted by Chent | 2009-10-17

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