May 29, 2009 10:34 PM

Class frustrations with minors!

So as I have previously stated I am now declared Molecular Environmental Biology, but I have always thought about getting a minor. After taking NST 11 (Intro to Toxicology) and finding it really interesting, in general, I am thinking of minoring in Motox. The minor requires the following classes.
- NST 110
- NST C112
- NST C114
- NST 120
- NST 121

The real confusion comes when I have to fit these five classes in my schedule that I already have for MEB. You might be thinking that I can just stick the classes wherever I have room…well it’s much more complicated. First I have to confront that 4 of the 5 classes are only offered in the spring and that the prerequisite for 120 is 110 and for 110 I have to have taken MCB 102, but for MCB 102 I have to take Bio 1A, which I wasn’t planning on taking until the fall of my junior year, but I might have to take it sooner. All this and then having to accommodate the classes for my major can be quit frustrating. What makes things even worse is that I’m actually considering on double minoring in Molecular Toxicology and LGBT studies…hmmm the next couple of years will indeed be very crowded.

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