May 27, 2009 8:47 AM


As much as I don't like going to commencements to say goodbye to my senior friends, I have to recognize their hard work and patience going through all those all-nighters, 20 page or more papers, and all sorts of school work. I eventually had to say, "Congratulations!! You made it!! YAYY! "

Graduation gives me these mixed emotions.

I feel sad because I would no longer see my senior friends that often, if at all, but at the same time I have to accept that this is part of life--people come and go. I have been going to different schools (Berkeley is my 10th school), have friends here and there that I unexpectedly had to leave when I move to a different place, yet I can't get used to going to graduation ceremonies!!

I feel somewhat frightened that time will pull me and soon I will be standing on the same spot as my senior friends. Personally, I do not want to graduate. Every time I go to a commencement, I am a year closer to graduation (I only go to Pilipino Graduation because as much as possible I dont like going to commencements!). Many people get excited to finally get out of school, but there are also those who would miss college life despite its hecticness. I just think that after-college life would be boring. I like going to school because it gives me short-term goals to finish by the end of the day. School makes me feel I am doing something else besides earning money. So I guess I dislike attending commencements not because I'm afraid I wont see my friends again, but because I'm afraid to graduate. :(

But I always have to recognize that this is part of life. Maybe something will eventually come out that would make me want to get out of school! Two more years. Enjoy everything while I'm still at it.

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Comments (1)

Take my congratulations too! :)

Posted by Justin | 2010-02-04

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