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Dirt! The Movie will be playing on Monday, May 11 @ 6:30pm in the Pacific Film Archive Theater.

Inspired by William Bryant Logan’s acclaimed book Dirt, the Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, directors Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow employ a colorful combination of animation, vignettes, and personal accounts from farmers, physicists, church leaders, children, wine critics, anthropologists, and activists to learn about dirt—where it comes from, how we regard (or disregard) it, how it sustains us, the way it has become endangered, and what we can do about it. Possessing both a cosmic perspective that reaches into the vastness of time and space, and the kind of warm, earnest energy that inspires small revolutions inside human hearts, Dirt! The Movie offers an important and timely look at the vital relationship between those of us on Earth and something that is easy to take for granted—the soil upon which we tread. Benenson and Rosow find answers everywhere: in tiny villages that dare to rise up to battle giant corporations to trendy organic farms; from prison horticultural programs to scientists who discover connections with soil that can offset the damage from global warming.

Gene Rosow has directed more than 20 documentaries for theatrical and television release, including San Francisco Good Times, Routes of Exile: A Moroccan Jewish Odyssey, Doctora, Routes of Rhythm with Harry Belafonte, and Knights. His feature-film producing credits include the family film Zeus and Roxanne for MGM, along with Silent Tongue and Britney, Baby—One More Time, which both premiered at Sundance.

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