May 23, 2009 10:50 PM

End of Freshman Year

So as of Thursday morning at 9:30 am the fact that I was done with my first year at Cal seemed to come to me in small bursts of enjoyment. The real reason I was happy was that it would be a while until I would have to use my mental capacity to study and do other stressful activities. The joy that I felt, however, was stained with the deep sadness that I felt knowing that in a couple of hours I would have to say goodbye to my dorm for the last time.

Studying for my last final was really difficult because my Toxicology final was on Thursday, which is the last day of finals, so a great majority of my friends have already been finished with finals a long while before I had finished. While studying many floor mates began to leave and pack which really distracted me, as I would find myself even starting to pack while studying.

The day when I left was one of great sadness because I knew that I will eventually see my friends in the fall, but just knowing that the experience will never be the same. We wont be a few doors down from each other; we will no longer see each other in the bathroom or do things on the spur of the moment. It was very somber when I closed the blinds because the view from the eighth floor can’t be beat since there would be no comparison between the view of the Berkeley hills, Downtown Oakland and the beautiful bay and my friends….oh how sad I was.

This summer I plan on doing nothing for about a month, but during mid-June I will go back to Berkeley and do summer school. I planning on taking Math 16A since I haven’t taken Calculus this year at all so I am a bit behind in terms of math. I’m also taking IB 141 (Human genetics), which I heard is a really interesting class and I just can’t wait to take my first upper division course.

Happy summer!!!

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