May 23, 2009 11:39 PM

Fall 2009

So my Phase 1 has passed and Phase II should come up in a couple of months meaning that I have to start preparing for Fall 2009 and so far my plan is:

Chem 3B – So I heard that this is a killer class that challenges those who completed 3A and frankly I am kind of freaked that the guy who wrote the book is teaching the class. I was really considering taking Pederson in the spring, but his class tends to be at 8am and apparently he refuses to post up his notes. Event though I heard Pederson is a better teacher there is no way I can function that early in morning and I can’t really learn if I am sleeping.

Chem BL – In Chem 3AL there was this one lab that implemented all the lab techniques that we learned and took up the 4 hours and crammed so much and was so horrible. Well I talked to a GSI and he said that every lab in 3BL was like that one lab in 3AL EVERY week, which kind of killed me for a couple of hours.

Statistics 2 – I will have this class with D’Abrera, which according to rate my professor (all yellow smiley faces!) is a really nice guy who cares about his students and has a cool Australian accent. I’m mostly taking this class because in the MEB major for concentration 2,3 and 5 you are allowed to opt out of Math 16B by taking a stats class. In all, I think Stats in high school was one of the most useful and fun class I ever took so I’m hoping the same will come true with this class…and I’m not really that good at multi-variable calc.

My 4th class might be either Bio 1B or an upper division LGBT course for my breadth that seems really interesting. Either way I’m pretty sure that I will only take 13 units of actual courses and I might apply for URAP in order to get some exposure to research.

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