May 14, 2009 10:43 AM


Finals !

The most hectic time of the semester! Walking around looking for places to study, but all rooms and seats are taken. Can’t study at home because it feels too relaxing. Running away from the internet, but AirBears is everywhere. Getting a study group together, but ends up talking about what to do during summer, classes for next semester, and how Telebears messed some up. Finally finding a chair and table to study, but neighbors are noisy and someone beside you has a laptop and can’t help but glance over at the screen.

For some of us it’s not that our finals are hard, but we just can’t seem to find that perfect spot to study!! All I can say is, know what suits you best and good luck finding that spot! And lastly, it also helps to think about learning instead of grades.


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Comments (3)

Hi. Just wondering, what do you have to do to become one of these regular bloggers?

Posted by S. Liu | 2009-05-17

You have to be in CNR and be willing to post at least 10 blogs each semester. Email Eva St. Clair, our webmaster, if you are interested.

Posted by John C | 2009-05-18

When finals passed the world seems more beautiful! :)

Posted by Jack | 2010-02-04

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