May 12, 2009 8:32 AM


yesterday marked the last day instruction for my sophomore year. Wow. Freedom feels good.
For the next week until my finals, I have TONS Of cramming to do. Same for you? Try these tips out to help attain your studying goals :)

1. Find a quiet place to study. Whether it be a cafe, main stacks, or your own apartment, its good to set a specific study-friendly environment to get your studying done
2. Study in 45 minute increments. My MCB32 GSI told me last semester that 45 minute study, 15 minute beaks are very effective :)
3. make lists to organize your studying plan (like "do two problem sets of chemistry today, read three chapters of physics tonight)

On another random note, I saw star trek last night! To me, it was...okay. i'm not much of a scifi fan so I didn't really get into it...but for those of you who are fans, I heard people like you loved it!! go check it out when you get a chance to take that study break :)

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