May 22, 2009 5:08 AM

freedome has never tasted so good!

Dear world,

Freedom is delicious. As of 3:30 pm on March 19th 2009, I have been liberated from what seems to have been eons of stress! I will remember that afternoon well, and how amaaaaaaaaaaazingly relieved I was to breathe lightly.
3:30 PM was the time on the clock when my organic chemistry final had finished. It was lighted up on a digital clock hoisted near the ceiling of the Haas pavilion, where an army of Dr. Pedersen's chemistry 3B had congregated for the last and final showdown. There are really no words that can explain how great it feels to be done with that class. Not to say that the class was not interesting nor enjoyable, because Dr. Petersen was really a great professor and the material was actually engaging. But this class will forever represent a trialing time period in my life.

I have been itching to write this post about my feelings ever since that beatiful May 19th afternoon. It is now two days overdue and the intensity of my feelings have dissipated a bit. Regardless, I feel it is necessary to do this reflection!

This semester has been the most challenging of my four semesters here at Cal. And do have finished it with my head above water is a true accomplishment for me. This semester proved to be a time-management challenge for me, which, if i were a life tutor, I would assign myself a "c-" grade. It was sub par. My trouble was balancing my exracirriculars while keeping up with schoolwork; the latter which I did not hold up to so well. I'll write a quick synopsis about each arena I was involved in:

Pledging for a fraternity is as time consuming as they say. During mid semester, there were times during the week when I had to attend 2 or even 3 events in ne day! Time Crunch!! On top of that, I ended up joining a plant biology lab and work! Trying to balance all of that with schoolwork did not work. I ended up being every confused in classes I could no study for (Ochem, Physics). My advice to future generations of students.. KEEP IT UP!! stay foocused in class and keep updated with schoolwork! or you will regret it :(

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