May 28, 2009 12:19 AM

Grades and O-chem

So I checked bearfacts and all my grades have been posted. Looking at my grades I think my GPA will increase by like .000001 so not by much. No surprise that my lowest grade these past two semesters is a “B” in Chem 3A grrr. I’m actually sad that I will be leaving frechet and going to Vollhardt, but all good things must end. After taking o-chem one thing I learned is that this class is much more problem oriented unlike Chem 1A, which was much more conceptual. For the second midterm I read the book and understood a lot of the concepts, but kind of flaked on the problems…big mistake!! I did pretty badly on the second midterm because I was not familiar with doing a wide variety of problems and circumstances. I made the mistake of not studying correctly.

The final for the class is half the grade and I was probably rocking a “C” in the class, which would be my first C and frankly a C is one ugly looking letter on a transcript. So for the final I made a major overhaul in studying. I didn’t read any chapter and learned the concepts from the lecture slides, which only took a few days and spent week after week doing practice problems. For 3A doing thousands of problems really prepares you for the exam. So final day came and I finished the final (15 pages -__-x) in about 2 hours, which was utterly amazing as I had never before finished any chem. final or midterm with time to spare. I was always the one who tried to scribble one extra problem while the GSI screamed stop and began to collect the exams. I must have done okay because I raised my grade to a “B” so moral of the story…DO MANY MANY MANY PRACTICE PROBLEMS!

Oh and SLC study groups are also a big help.

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