May 22, 2009 9:21 AM

Home, Once Again

As the title implies, I'm home in SoCal! I wish I could say it's nice and sunny right now, but it isn't. Hopefully, the sun will come out soon. I'm pretty sure most of us are sleeping in right now since finals are over. I'm not really sure why, but I keep waking up at 6 am and I can't fall asleep, again. None of my friends get up this early, so it's pretty boring sitting here.

Anyways, I'm going to go back up to Berkeley with my sister for her CalSO. As I mentioned before, she's a business major, intended Haas. I'm not really clear on the requirements to get into Haas, so I can't really help her plan out her first semester at Cal. For freshman science majors out there, here are some courses I would suggest for your first semester:

Chemistry 1A - I think every freshman takes this class first, probably because it's a prereq for everything else.

Math 16A/1A, depending on how much you love math. The Math 16 series satisfies most of the CNR requirements. MCB majors over in L& S have to take the Math 1 series.

Breadth requirement

Don't start out your first semester too course heavy. Get used to the transition to college and get a feel of what you can handle. Maybe join a club or something. I would strongly suggest a Decal class if you need 1 or 2 units. Decal courses are taught by students and can range from topics like Premed 101 to Strategies for Scrabble.

As for academic classes, here are some of my favorites:

Prep class for the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology - Basically, we prepare skeletons for the museum. We get a dead bird, rip off the feathers, take tissue samples, and rip off everything else. The skeletons are then fed to flesh eating beetles and they eat up the rest of the stuff we can't get off the skeleton. The class is super fun and is really helpful if you want to learn vertebrate anatomy hands-on. The downside is that it's pretty impacted and availability has become even more limited due to the budget cuts.

Chemistry 3A I had Professor Frechet for the first semester of ochem. He was hilarious and extremely nice. After our first midterm, he said, "The average was a 54...oh no!" in his cheery french accent. I know most people despise ochem, but I found it really interesting. I loved doing sythesis problems because it required a bit of creativity. I have to restudy all my ochem for the mcat this summer...hopefully I'll still love it.

Biology 1A I loved the physiology section. It's pretty interesting learning about all the pathways because they actually relate to everyday life. For example, ever wonder why you always have to go to the bathroom after drinking coffee? You'll find out in Bio 1A! It's not because you're drinking something, there's a scientific explanation.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great summer! For those of you in summer school, please relax for a couple of days before you dive back in!!!

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