May 24, 2009 4:27 PM

My Letter

Dear UC Berkeley,

It's a bit sad that our time together has come to an end. I passed by RSF today, but things felt different. There would no longer be a "next semester" (at least for undergrad)...I'm not entirely sure when I'm officially "done" being a student (i.e. when the semester is over), but I wanted to thank you for the good times. I still remember the first time I set foot on campus as a student. I had an early Geography class and can still feel the excitement. You've helped me grow and expand my mind but, more importantly, you've helped me find ways to be a better person. You didn't just tell me how to do it, you gave me tools to find my own way. You were hard but, thinking back on it, fair. You challenged me and made it possible for me to realize more of my potential. Every time I'll walk through campus, I'll always feel a special connection. Thank you for the memories and for the opportunity. Go BEARS!

Juan S.

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Comments (2)

Hi, Juan,congrations on your graduation. I'm a transfer student in fall 09. I'm concern about the educational endeavors at Cal. I read a statement under my major, something like "students should be strong in Math and Stat." are those upper divison classes related tough math models? I'm weak in math tho. hope to hear from you soon. thanks a lot and nice talking to you.

Posted by Xiao Huang | 2009-06-09

Hey Xiao! Sorry for the delay in my response. Anyway, congrats on being accepted to UC Berkeley! Way to go. Before I proceed, I must say that I found UC Berkeley to be both challenging and rewarding. What is your major? I think that aside from your major requirements, your coursework can be as quantitative as you want it to be. For Environmental Economics and Policy, it is important, in my opinion, to have a (relatively) strong math and statistics background. This is especially true if taking EEP118, Introductory Applied Econometrics. I think there were only 2-3 classes that were really quant-heavy: EEP100, EEP102, and EEP118 (though this one was more statistics based). Xiao, I'd like to answer your questions more directly and thoroughly.... Would you be willing to email your contact info (email or phone) to ? Hopefully that goes to the webmaster for Fresh Faces. If not, and if you're comfortable posting your email address on here, that'd work too. Let me know and I hope it helps.

Posted by Juan | 2009-06-24

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