May 19, 2009 3:05 AM

My ratings of classes I took in Spring 2009

Environmental Science 10 – The beginning half of the course in my opinion is rather dry since we learn about soil and chemical cycles, however the last half gets really interesting and begins to picl up with many guest lecturers and learning about global issues with the environment. The discussion for this class has been one of the most engaging I have had yet at Berkeley. I think many people come into the class expecting it will be an easy “A”, which it is not! Overall I am glad I took this class and am kind of sad it will be over, yet I won’t miss those 9am lectures errr.

ESPM 50AC – A class that I found to be very interesting and unconventional in that it is more than just history, but mixes in a twist of science for us who enjoy nature. Considered a very easy class….and to tell you the truth it sort of is and it helps taking this class as it balances out other hard science classes that generally lower your GPA.

NST 11 (Toxicology) – Turned out to be one of my favorite classes so far here at Cal and it actually counts for nothing haha. I learned a lot about drugs on the chemical level and just how toxic our world has become. Although it is a bit science heavy the midterms are reasonable and are multiple choice and what is nice is that 3 professors teach the course so If one is boring then you only have to tough it out for a month instead of a whole semester.

Chem 3A – One of the most difficult classes I have taken at Berkeley, but Frechet made it enjoyable and easy to learn the material even though his tests seemed practically impossible. A very rewarding class….well If you can wake up at 8am =] I’m just a bit sad that I will no longer have Frechet who was simply an amazing and entertaining professor…. “this is cute right?” (In his French accent referring to his research) lol. Hmmm what a bummer that I will have to be downgraded to Vollhardt =/

Chem 3AL – The labs for 3AL are much more time consuming and intense than 1A in that every lab is a formal lab write up unlike 1A, which has only 2 or 3 formal lab write ups with the other labs having questions relating to the lab. Ahhh to bad I heard that 3BL is worse than 3AL, which really doesn’t make me that excited for next semester.

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