May 20, 2009 11:36 AM

My To-Do List

I thought I would share my list of random things I wanted to do before I graduate (aka before this week) in Berkeley. Maybe you'll get around to them before I will

-brunch at the thai temple
-picnic at blake gardens (open to the public weekdays!)
-breakfast at la note
-go to the graduate bar (rumor has it free popcorn...oh ya germs and all!)
-hike up to the big C
-eat at Kirala Sushi
-get dressed up fancy and order all desserts at chez panisse cafe
-go to a show at Ashkenaz

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Comments (1)

Good ideas! Hope you've gotten around to 'em. I'll probably take a couple from your list and add it to mine. :-)

Posted by Juan | 2009-05-24

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