May 2, 2009 11:31 AM

Perfect Timing!

Wednesday, April 29 2009.

After my EEP152 lecture, I headed to Gypsys to get a combo calzone to go. I have work at Moffitt at 12pm, so I only have an hour to get food and go to my Poli Sci adviser. I went to my adviser a week ago asking how I would sign up for Poli Sci upperdivs in case my academic profile does not get updated before telebears. While waiting for my calzone, I realize that I shouldve went to my advisor first!!—her lunch break is at 11:30! I got my calzone and then headed to Barrows. Luckily, I made it on time and was able to sign up for advising. BUT, there were two other people waiting and I only have 25 minutes left before I had to walk to work!

I started eating my calzone knowing I won’t have time to eat after my advising. Bored, I took out my laptop to check Bearfacts. BAM! Finally after waiting for two months, my profile was finally updated right before my Telebears! Now officially declared for EEP and Poli Sci!! YAAAAAY! Seems like I didn't need advising at all. Haha! Off to work.

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