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okay well its that time of the year again... finals are steadily but slowly approaching. i dont know what it means for you guys out there, but i'm going to have to admit one thing about myself- for me, finals means stress means procrastination.
If i've learned one thing about myself this semester, it's that I've developed into quite the procrastinator. I don't know whether or not it's becuase my hectic schedule stresses me out, but i've realized my immediate reaction when i acknoweldge a pile of work to do is to put it off as long as i can.
so not a good habit.

So in an attempt to help alleviate the problem, I did some google searching for myself and people out there who may be in the same problem as me. funnily enogh, (is funnily a word?) there are a LOT of websites dedicated to people who have issues with procrastination. many of them are labeled with titles liek "HELP PROCRASTINATION IS RUINING MY LIFE!" or something of the sort. Here's a few that may help :)
"That's right, procrastination is one of the biggest reasons we are not successful in life. Unfortunately, proportionately to it's importance is also the difficulty to get rid of this menacing trait. Read on to learn some techniques that people have successfully used to conquer procrastination.

Techniques To Conquer Procrastination

1. Prioritize. One of the reasons that we procrastinate is that we get overwhelmed with so many important things to do that we don't know where to start. In the beginning of the day or weekend sit down and make a list of the most important things you want to do and do them first.

2. Jump in and do it. A lot of times we put off doing simple, straightforward, and one minute things, like calling a repairman. In these cases just take a deep breath and DO IT. There is no other way. It might help to just focus on the good feeling you'll have after it's finish.

3. Give yourself a time limit just to start it. We push off a lot of tasks simply because they look so big to us. If this is why you are procrastinating then give yourself just 10 or 15 minutes to start it. After that (put on timer if you want), decide if you want to continue or not. You'll see that a lot of times the main cause for procrastinating was only the fear to begin but after you begin you'll find it easy to finish.

4. Pamper yourself. If you are pushing off doing a big project it might help to promise yourself something nice if you finish by a certain time; buying something nice, going out on the town, or just going to a park with your spouse or by yourself. Just remember though, if it will cost money, put the money on the side now so the promise to yourself will be more real.

Use some of these easy strategies to conquer procrastination and begin to live a successful, fulfilled, and happy life.


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