May 6, 2009 6:22 PM

Study Tips

My neighbor tends to play on his trumpet and sing badly all day long...quite distracting and annoying when you're trying to study. So here are some methods that I use to help me focus:

1) Play classical music
Music is supposed to stimulate the mind, but I find that music with lyrics (no pun intended) can get stuck in my mind, which can get pretty frustrating.

2) Get ear plugs
They work pretty well, but don't wear them for too long. They make you feel kind of funny, like you've been trapped inside your own head...or maybe that's just me.

3) Re-energize with food!
Just something that will give you an energy boost, like a few slices of toast with a glass of milk. Junk food will make you feel lethargic and you'll probably end up watching tv, instead of studying.

4) Take your studying to a different environment.
Sometimes I just get tired of staring at the blank wall of my room. Then I just take my study materials with me on a walk and find somewhere else to study. Last time, I read my bio notes while walking down Shattuck, then on a bus stop bench, and finally in Cheeseboard Pizza. It was really awesome listening to live jazz and eating delicious pizza while reading over my notes.

5) Switch to another topic
Unfortunately, all of us probably have more than one final. So when you're bored of studying for bio, switch to something completely different, like physics.

Anyways, I should get back to studying. I have 2 finals and a paper due tomorrow! Wish me luck!! Best of luck to you guys on your finals!!!!

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