May 3, 2009 8:38 AM

Summer Plans

About time I finally finalized my summer plans and accepted my summer financial aid! I signed up for Poli Sci 169a for Session A (first six weeks) and Psychology 162 for Session D (second six weeks, philosophy breadth requirement). Until yesterday I was waiting for a seat for Poli Sci 139 (Session D), but I decided to drop it. After I reviewed my academic plans, I found out I can still graduate on time without taking Poli Sci 139 this summer. I might as well take a fun class and practice Japanese before Fall 09—last year I underestimated Japanese and didn't bother studying beforehand… a terrible mistake! >_<

This summer, I will also work less at the library. I want more time to study and hang out with friends; unlike last summer where I just went to work, class, work, and then home. I will also go, for the first time, to the East Coast to visit my cousin in Washington, D.C. I will have to skip about three classes and hopefully this would force me to talk to the professor (and maybe try to get a close contact since I need a second professor for letters-of-recommendation)

Three more weeks! I’m excited to get this semester over with and start a different class!

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