May 14, 2009 9:18 PM

The Final Stretch

Pun! Anyways, summer's almost here! I'm pretty sure we can almost taste the freedom. I have a few friends who go to the other UC schools and they're already looking forward to summer, but they don't end until mid June.

I just took my Bio 1A final this morning and got my Bio 1AL Exam 2 back...that was utterly depressing. I'm sort of just praying that some miracle will happen and make the curve extremely generous. I still have my Physics 8A final on Monday night...and then I'm free!!!

So my plans for the summer are:

-MCAT prep course
-studying for the MCAT

...and that's about it. I was going to work in a lab, but my mom wants me to totally focus on the MCAT. I guess I won't have an excuse when I fail, then. I'm probably going to take the MCAT this coming September and if necessary, again in the spring.

Anyways, back to physics. Good luck on finals, everyone!!!

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