May 4, 2009 10:11 PM

Why I'm double majoring

Environmental Economics and Policy
Political Science

When I applied for EEP, I was looking more towards the policy part than economics. I enjoyed U.S. history in high school because this country is a whole new place to me and I want to understand its government. I just want to learn about different governments, how it functions and affects a society. There are so many questions and twists that make Political Science interesting. Sometimes I wonder, “What is my primary major?” Am I taking Poli Sci so I would understand politics better and thus create policies that would go through our complex system? Or am I taking EEP to learn about environmental issues and use it as support for political theories? Either ways, I think both majors go hand in hand.

Besides personal interest, I also realized that doing a single major would not be enough to meet the 120-unit requirement to graduate. I put myself in a very good position by already deciding to double major after my freshman year. I was able to minimize the amount of classes I need to take and even have a semester to study abroad. Starting next semester I also only need to take 13 units until I graduate (thanks to summer classes, my classes are more spread out through my 4 years). Here’s the breakdown of my classes and units. I’ve taken a few 1 or 2 unit fun classes that I didn't list down.

---------- 1st year ---------
Fall 07 - 16 units
College Writing R1A
Earth and Planetary Science 8
Math 16A

Spring 08 - 16 units
Optometry 10
Political Science 2
Math 16B
College Writing R4B

---------- 2nd year ---------
Summer 08 - 8 units
Political Science 3
Statistics 21

Fall 08 - 14 units
History 14
EEP 100
Political Science 1

Spring 09 - 14 units
EEP 101
EEP 142
EEP 162
Ethnic Studies 21AC

---------- 3rd year ---------
Summer 09 - 7 units
Pol Sci 164
Psychology 162

Fall 09 - 13 units
Japanese 1A
EEP 152
Pol Sci 157A

Spring 10 - 13 units
Japanese 1B
Pol Sci 157B
EEP 115 / PS135

---------- 4th year ---------
Fall 10 - 13 units (study abroad)
Pol Sci ANY upperdiv
Pol Sci ANY upperdiv

Spring 11 - 13 units
Pol Sci 171 (CA)
Pol Sci X / EEP
College Writing 110

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