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Today, about a week after I have received my logon info, I have finally decided to create my first post. First, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Jade, and I am currently about to be a second year student majoring in nutritional sciences. My first year in college was filled with experiences that I shall hold dear, perhaps for the rest of my life. As I post more entries onto Fresh Faces, I will seek to share much of my experiences and intakes. I am sure that they will be very unique.

Now, I would like to give a heads up on my life in Berkeley for the past year. During the fall semester, I was primarily occupied with the marching band, which took up more time than I had anticipated. Through interactions with college students such as those in band as well as my floormates, I came to know what life may be like outside of my childhood as the only child of a widowed Chinese immigrant. I did not like what I found, and I became disillusioned at the importance so many people placed on social life and the differences between their values and my traditional ones, but as the spring semester approached, I began to find my niche. I found it in academics. That's the semester I decided to take on 23 units, plus University Chorus, which I wasn't doing for credit. I found that my place is wherever there is structure, wherever someone definite is in charge, wherever I can talk to others without socializing in its strictest sense. I know this is different for most people, but I do not regret anything.

That's it about my school life for now. I may go into more detail later, but now is not the time. This summer, what I'm doing, besides taking quite a few summer classes, is learning to drive. I've been postponing it long enough. So long, in fact, that the only reason I'm learning at all is because of parental pressure. Sigh...I've always denounced automobiles (it used to be televisions and computers too, but I've grown out of that). Automobiles give off too much stinky fumes. It's almost as bad as cigarette smoke, though not quite.

Well, it's very late now. I try to be conscious about my sleep schedule, but it doesn't always work. This has been quite a lengthy introduction. And now, I bid farewell.

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Posted by Jade | 2009-11-29

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