June 23, 2009 1:48 PM

Stumbling and Bumbling

Hi CNR readers, brand new shiny junior transfer here, class of 2011 *crossing fingers*. To be honest, I have no idea how I got here. Cal was a dream in high school that I discarded when I went to junior college at DVC.

Originally, I was set to go to UC Davis, I already had an apartment and roommate, I even bought a cheap bike to get around.

Heck, even during the hours leading up to decision time, I was teasing all my classmates who kept reloading their myBerkeleyApplication every few minutes (even during organic chemistry!) because I was so sure I was going somewhere else. You know what happened when I finally loaded my page and saw my admissions letter?

I shutup is what I did. Then I cried...a little.

So we all know which college I chose, and did it based on the advice of my biology teacher who recommended I choose a college NOT keeping grad school in mind. A bit counter-intuitive for Cal students, but it makes sense for a junior college transfer who hasn't had upper division courses or done research yet.

Plus, it didn't hurt that my parents offered me a shiny new laptop if I went to Cal!

I ended up subleasing my half of the Davis apartment within a month, found an apartment nearby within a week of looking-am subleasing that for the summer, fixed up my Condition of Admissions (say no to IGETC!) and survived CalSO. Right now I'm figuring my way through telebears, checking out decal classes, looking for volunteer work and stocking up on shampoo and lotion.

I hear we hit the ground running when school starts in the fall-I still don't understand it though. Everybody keeps telling me that every chance they get it, I think that should be the CalSO slogan-"Hit the ground running or get eaten alive by Oski."

evil oski
good thing he was recently feed.

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