June 10, 2009 11:09 PM

Summer and Scheduling

For better or for worse, in college we are faced with the opportunity to plan our days, months, and years however we want. This means that if we so choose, we may not get a summer at all. In fact, I know very few people who have no summer plans other than hanging out with friends and having fun. Most are either working or taking summer classes. I am doing the latter.

This summer, I am taking Anthropology 1, French 4, French 35, Public Health 162A, and PE 1 with a total of 15.5 units, a load equivalent to a fall or spring semester. A part of the reason is that I receive tuition from Stanford University due to my mother's benefits, but another part is that I am genuinely interested in these classes and they are useful at least to some part of my academic plans (the useful part is how I explain things to my mother), which I will reveal later.

The good thing about Berkeley summer sessions is that summer is not just another semester, but is divided into multiple sessions. This structure has many benefits. For one, high school students and students from other universities who are in school until mid-June can take classes too. Secondly, it allows a bit of a break for those in Berkeley, since undoubtedly everyone wants to go home once in a while. For me, I am only taking one class during session A, which meets only two days a week (both lecture and discussion). It allows me some breathing space before I hit the books full time again in late June. It also allows me to live at home instead of on campus. In my free time, I've been reading books I didn't get a chance to read during the academic year, playing the piano, clarinet, and flute (depending on what I feel like), and singing Phantom of the Opera songs 24/7. What a life!

However, even one class requires time, and as soon as I get off the computer, I'm going to study for my midterm on Tuesday. Time moves by so fast. I will move into Berkeley by the end of next week for session C. I am not ready. My best friend from UCSD is probably not even home yet, and I want to spend time with her this summer. We've almost lost complete contact, and it's driving me crazy. I cannot stand losing contact with anyone, not to mention someone I've shared so many experiences with. On that note, I would really love to not lose contact with my excellent former GSI's, professors, and all that.

Time for me to brush my teeth, wash my face, make tea, study, and go to bed. I have class tomorrow morning and I must get up early to take BART from Fremont up to Berkeley. I love tea, by the way. If I have time I might get into detail about the hundreds of Chinese teas, but now's probably not the time. Until next time.

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