June 1, 2009 10:26 AM

Summer's here

Hello! It's been a long time since I've written on the blogs. Summer once
again, has arrived and every time, I take time to reflect on my past
semester and find improvements or positives that I found. For spring of
09, I took NST 159-human diet, NST 114-pesticide and toxicology, Bio, and
physics. It was a heavy load but altogether, I have no regrets, except for
maybe trying to change my study strategies. So I always start with one
goal that I want to achieve every summer- i call it-the improvement goals-
so last semester, I realized that I was spending hours studying for
physics and bio but all the hard work didn't pay off in terms of the
grades that I got. They were all interesting courses and I learned many
new, interesting facts, but at times it was frustrating to see the dismal
results. So, here's my plan: the old saying, study smart not hard? Yea,
trying to figure out thatmystery still and that's what I plan to do, along
with my pharmacy job and mcb 102( so excited for this class! NOT kidding-
since you get to combine bio and chemistry into real life applications
that seem relevant to what I want to do in the future) this summer( and
housing). So some tips that i wish i knew before coming to berkeley:
effective study strategies, like i wish there was a class for this in high
school. By the way, there is a class in cal- it's one of the Education 98
pass/no pass classes( yes, I was curious). Onto the postiives- I loved all
my classes, but more of the human diet and pesticide classes. Pesticide
class was challenging since the tests were all fill in the blank and was
very science( chemistry ) oriented- i recommend taking that in upper div.
But, it was fun learning about the pesticides, things that are often
overlooked but make a great impact on agriculture, science,and the
environement. Professor Milton for the human diet course was very funny(
adorable really). There's lots of reading but it's fun reading and very
much so a useful class. Both of these were great since it allowed me to
learn new outside information that I never knew before- I definitily feel
those IQ points adding up. Yup, I'm also still debating on which major to
choose between: toxicology or nutrisci, so my next schedule will be combo
of nst 103, 110, physics 8b and maybe a decal/PAL and work. Well, enjoy
the summer! Don't forget to go to the gym( making up for the 5 months that
I neglected- haha... chips and desserts were good though), relax, have fun
with friends, and family!

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