July 1, 2009 11:42 PM

Broadening Horizons

With the ever competitive job market, having an edge is essential. A programmer with creative design experience, a physicist with political science aspirations, a polyglot with a teaching degree-having a little something extra, it certainly can't hurt.

Planning out my college courses for my brief two year stint here, I realize I've got a bit of extra space. I could:

A) Go abroad
B) Work part time
C) Get a minor

I wish there was a way I could do all three, maybe two-but not all three. For this entry, I'll focus on the third option. I've got a few ideas swimming in my head, a foreign language would definitely appeal to employers who would like to send me abroad, a business minor-self-explanatory and a teaching minor would allow me to work also in classrooms.

I really like the foreign language minor-but I'm not sure if I have THAT much time. The business one bores the heck out of me-hate to enforce a girly stereotype. A teaching minor though sounds doable and interesting. Funny enough, I've had way more female science teachers than male teachers in a male-dominated academic sector and I would love to show young girls the awesomeness of science.

Keep in mind, I'm saying this cold-I haven't looked yet at the requirements-this is me mostly musing. You know, that way I can write this entry naively as possible before having my dreams crushed by the machine (for non-Cal kids, the "machine" is a nickname for Cal). If I can't get a minor in something like French, I'll still take classes in it-for fun!

Damn you froshies, you have the advantage in planning a minor-us college junior transfers-not so much.

Another advantage you froshies have, research experience and opportunities. Well guess what-I've got a meeting down at the Herbaria-gonna do me some volunteering, get me some experience. Yeah, that's right.

BTW, I can buy alcohol and you can't. Pbbt!

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Comments (1)

Hi, since you're at the herbarium, it's a great way to talk to some people there and maybe even find some research experience! I know for sure someone in the Baldwin lab is looking for some via URAP (and Bruce Baldwin and his lab are awesome, awesome people), so if you are interested, just strike up a conversation with them! It's never too late to get research experience. Plus, if you are looking for research experience, that could give you some units as well.

Posted by Irene Liao | 2009-08-24

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