July 5, 2009 6:27 PM

career center visit

So, as Cal So is continuing, summer classes are starting another session, and starting another semester means one step closer to graduation, many must wonder, with the economy this bad, going to grad school or not is a hard choice. For me, I had thought I wanted to go into pharmacy grad school, but I still wasn't sure whether it was right for me. I also wanted to make sure I had back-up plans, and sitting here, I had zero. Panicked, i decided to go to the career center, callisto. Now, for all those wondering, no, the career center is not familiar with course schedules- for instance, I freshman was wondering what courses/major would help her "get into med school." Career counselors are there to help with career goals, interests, med/vet/law/pharm/grad school informations. Course information - specific questions, should be tailored to advisors in your college.

I went onto the career website, and signed up for a 45 minute appointment. there are two options- a 15 mini appointment( usually for resume help/interview mock help), or 45 minute one,which is helpful if you wanted to discuss options of career paths/interests. It's one on one, very personal, very helpful and they are full of resources. I mean,walking into the center, there were binders full of information about international careers, nonprofit careers, grad school careers, internships, fellowships, information.

So, the career counselor advised me to take the skills survey questionarre- this requires a password so you have to sign up with a career counselor first- and at first impression, I assumed it'd be those broad questions that would list a bunch of occupations that fit

your answers-" ah- you can be a plumber, teacher, military officer, "options that were broad and weird. But, in fact, NO: this was a questionarre that printed out results that were comprehensive- 30 page, detailed answer based on personality, interests, organization, and offered some occupations that would match your skills, but also offered a list of links to descriptions of those occupations. Furthermore, they matched these occupations via percentage of matches to the skills you had- like, "this occupation matches 15%, or 90%", and those ranges helped narrow down what I wanted. So, with that, I felt more relieved- knowing that I could sign up for pharmacy, public health, counseling grad schools- masters, or pharmD.

Career center is another resource that is out there for college students and I recommend going there at least once in your stay at Cal.

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