July 12, 2009 10:31 PM

It's Sunday, I'm Bored


I just remembered that there was a cool Discovery Channel show on two and a half hours ago. This is one of the times I wish I had TiVo, instead we have TFC, The Filipino Channel. Their erratically scheduled programming includes such wonderful hits such as Wowowee where the male host sings the same song...everyday and further demeans the women (dancers, contestants, cohosts, etc) to:

asf dancers

a) crazy
b) hot pieces of asses (one time they had a beauty pageant, and every question in their Q&A section was about boyfriends)
c) glorified mike holders and question askers

My mom justifies her watching of this as quote, They are a charity that gives money to poor people, end quote. Charities do not ask Cash o bukas. The show further demonstrates it's idiocy by showcasing it's fascination with white people. If you are a white person, their promo people will hunt you down and beg you to participate in their game shows so they can give you money-nevermind the fact that there are starving beggar children aplenty.


In addition to the critically praised game show I have just described, there are soaps galore to entertain the emo-angst-ridden teenage girl inside of you. Let me just spoil the plot of every episode for you: cry, slap, cry, scream like a lunatic, slap, cry, death, cry, slap, cry. BTW, you've lost dignity as an entertainment show when you hire an actor named Dingdong.


Mexico has telanovelas, we have telefantasies. A telefantasy is what any science fiction/fantasy would look like today if special effects technology did not evolve beyond the 70's and was run by cosplayers.

Sorry guys, this isn't the line for WWE auditions...

No people, I do not hate my heritage/culture/myself/etc. I just really hate this channel and the fact that I have to watch it until I start classes in August. The only good thing right now is that I have been able to convince my mother that Wowowee is not a charity show, but has a heart made from capitalistic scraps and the self-confidence of pinoy girls who dare not have skin as pale as an irishwoman.

Oh wait, this entry should have something about Cal right? Um...I volunteer at the Herbarium? Herbaria? If you think because I handle freeze-dried specimens all day that I know more about plants than the average gardener right, then you need to come on down and show me how to do it because I can barely pronounce their names. Though that might be due to my retainers and not my lack of plant skillz.

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