July 3, 2009 12:26 AM

Life and BART Adventures

I am home right now, after session A of summer sessions have ended. I'm taking three classes during session C though, and I've been even busier than spring semester. But I'm done with Anthro 1. By the way, Anthro 1 (biological anthropology) was a really great class, like the other two anthro classes I've taken thus far at Berkeley (3AC and R5B). I recommend every one of them, and I find all the GSI's and professors in that department to be outstanding. They are all more responsible, knowledgeable, and interested in their subject than I would ever have imagined.

Now to my main subject for today, which is BART. I find BART an excellent mode of transportation for those living around the Bay Area and even for those who don't. The downtown Berkeley station is right next to campus (especially close to CNR headquarters), and the trains come so often that I never need to check any schedule. However, it is times like today that made me want to say that whereas BART can be a convenient way to get around, it may not be the most dependable way.class.

I left Berkeley at around 7:30pm today, right after my microbiology lecture. I took the Fremont train, which should have arrived at 8:30pm. I thought it was going to be a normal ride, and I sat in the seat next to the door, reading the material for my French class. When the train has gone almost halfway to Fremont, it suddenly stopped. Since those trains do occasionally stop on the road, I did not take this pause seriously at first. Then an announcement came booming out from the speakers that there was police action at Bay Fair and that the trains would not be able to go there. We waited as the train was stopped in the middle of nowhere for 5-8 minutes. And then it started to move. Backwards, toward Fruitvale.

The train was now going back to Richmond. I, along with the rest of the bus, got out at the Fruitvale station. I followed a group of people demanding the situation near the front. They still would not run the trains normally, but they did mention that the trains' designated last stop should have been San Leandro. Therefore, I, and a group of people, went on the Dublin-Pleasanton train and got off at San Leandro. I met several other Berkeley students, including a girl who had just recently graduated from the NS-D major and a boy (I think he's doing chemical engineering or something). I also met this African lady with big eyes whose most noticeable characteristic was her purple outfit. At San Leandro we waited for what seemed like forever. I tried getting my mother to picked me up from that station, but that didn't really work. Because the direction and place of the trains are now messed up, we were told that the Fremont train would be on the other platform. So we went there, and announcement keep happening every 5 minutes or so about this police action. We had no idea when it would end. Of course, it did, and that is when we found out that the trains, after all, were going to reach Fremont tonight. They had the parked trains begin moving at different (their scheduled) times in order to restore the previous schedule and order. And we had to change platforms a second time now that everything was normal.

When I got on the train, it was as crowded as ever, since it's filled with people that had been stuck there, like me. At one stop they even had to say, "the door must close, there's another Fremont train coming, please step away from the door." That was bad. But I finally did it. I finally came home, although it was now 10:00 when I should have arrived at 8:30.

So yeah, shooting's not grave; getting into fights is not grave.
I will end it for now. I'm really really really....tired right now.

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