July 2, 2009 9:43 PM

SHIP Waiver Deadline!

HEADS UP! Deadline to waive SHIP is July 15!

What's SHIP? Student Health Insurance Plan

Every student is required to have comprehensive medical, counseling, dental, and vision coverage. Each semester, UCB will automatically apply SHIP to your account unless you submit a waiver located at the link below. The waiver is your proof that you have outside insurance equivalent to the university's. Unless you submit this waiver by July 15, you will be charged $698 for the Fall semester!

Waiver requires CalNet Login:

I didn't understand this my first semester and was charged for SHIP. I was able to get refunded by submitting the form after the due date but I was still charged $50. So in an effort to save you the $50-$698, WAIVE SHIP, provided you have equivalent insurance.

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