July 16, 2009 5:57 PM

Tough schedule?

I never imagined that my summer could be an endless series of tests in the classrooms on top of challenges in the laboratory. When I signed up for Medical Ethnobotany (ME) lecture and lab, I ignorantly thought that my love for plants and dedication to science would easily allow me to ace the two classes on top of carrying out six research lab projects in the greenhouse and Koshland. Boy was I mistaken! By the last week of session A and beginning of session C, I struggled to survive as MCB 102 Biochemistry (biochem) readings drowned me with the unwelcomed pressure. For the last 1.5 weeks of June, my life literally revolved about ME lab final, biochem quiz, ME lecture final, biochem midterm, research lab meetings, tissue culturing, germination projects in the greenhouse, on top of a 40 page literature review for Professor Terry.

Total FML status.

Although I ended up acing my two session A classes, life would still not calm down. By living on 3-4 hours of sleep each night for a month, my immune system was apparently compromised when I caught a cold from my roommate. A visit to the urgent care unit at the Tang informed me that I developed pneumonia. Who is lame enough to get pneumonia in the middle of summer?! I guess, I am. The fevers were bearable, but the coughing up blood part was gross.

Thank goodness June is over. I just finished my second biochem midterm... Life is finally bearable again.

No matter how difficult life appeared to be, I kept telling myself that, "when life gets tough, suck it up and deal with it." Please don't quote me on this. I think I stole it from someone or some site on the Internet.

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