August 17, 2009 1:26 AM

Class Review!

So after finals I did what almost every Cal student does and left for home. So during my first month of summer I worked part time as a cashier to make some money and pretty much became lazy while at home. However, around mid-June I came back to Berkeley because not only was I bored from home, but I had signed up for summer classes and had chosen to take Math 16A and IB 141 (Human Genetics). Yah I know the two classes are really different.

I didn’t take Math 16A my freshman year due to conflicts with chem. lab and I heard that the spring prof was absolutely terrible. The class over the summer was only 2 hours a day, Monday-Thursday and it was great because the class only had around 30 kids so the GSI who was teaching could make an accurate estimate of our understanding of calculus allowing him to know what grade we deserved.
I decided to take IB 141 when I was debating between MEB and Moltox and knew that this class satisfied both majors. Even though the class was lots of fun I kind of regret taking it because I might consider Microbial Biology instead and if I do Microbio it won’t count at all =/ Lesson learned: Don’t take upper division classes unless you are for sure what your major will be.
Ahhh now I just have to wait for my genetics grade and just hope for a miracle and get an A-, but I guess a B/B+ is fine. For once I wanted to get a 4.0 even if it was summer haha oh well I’m happy with my math grade =) Now to cram 2 months of summer into the week and a half that is still left.

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