August 19, 2009 1:24 PM

green liquid for lunch

Green liquid for lunch or die trying. Yup, another one of my many crazy random summer goals. Not that I want to sound dramatic, but this diet is really difficult to maintain!

Let me back track.

At the beginning of summer, I promised myself that I would actively engage in activities that would help me get back into the same physical fitness I once had. I told myself if I could train for badminton and tennis 5+ hours a day, 6 days a week in high school, I could definitely go to the gym and eat healthy on a regular basis.

So when my friend sent me a vegan/running blog that his freshman college dorm mate writes to share about his progress and feelings, I was so excited! Inspiration comes in the oddest shapes and times.

I probably read Alex Tellez’s entire blog, at least three times to note for tips on which vegetables to purchase and how intense my work outs should be. After careful deliberation, I decided to aim for the ability to run nonstop for an hour and to do…. ONE pull up by the end of the summer in addition to maintaining a semi-vegan diet.

Don’t laugh at my somewhat pathetic sounding goals. PULL UPS are surprisingly really taxing. I started working on my arms with the 2.5 lbs free weights at the beginning of June. By the end of July, I could easily handle the 5 lbs weights. When I told my brothers my progress, they would not stop teasing me for being such a weakling. UGH. This supposedly manageable goal was beginning to turn into such a drag.

Fortunately, I accomplished greater progress with my running. I started the summer being able to handle running 20 minutes before needing to slow the pace down to a brisk walk. Thankfully, I could manage a 45 minutes run by mid July.

About my green liquid diet. Let’s just say that following through with a goal is never an easy feat. Blending many exotic combinations of vegetables and fruits to drink as a smoothie was quite enjoyable--at first. I mean, I am always down for new adventures. Unfortunately, I lasted for three days before I downgraded to a salad for lunch or die trying. I think I am more of a chewing person than drinking person. At first, this second new "diet" seemed good. I convinced myself that salads were so delicious. I concentrated on how the crisp, succulent tomatoes, butter lettuce, and celery made me feel really happy. I added in mushrooms for good measures too!

However by day 5, my constantly hungry stomach kept screaming in pain for curly fries, pad thai, ice cream, and every delicious food that I love. Or was it my mind playing tricks on my stomach? I eventually made an executive decision to add a teaspoon of peanut butter and one Fiber One granola bar as a side dish to my salads in order to keep my sanity. I told myself that this move is not an acceptance of defeat since I did need the proteins and more fiber is always a blessing.

It is now nearing the end of August. On my low days, I berated myself for possessing this habit of tormenting myself with unnecessary goals and challenges. The endless list of excuses I made to avoid the gym seems so ridiculous now. Nonetheless on my high days, I often caught myself feeling complete that I had a purpose to fulfill.

At the moment, I am quite satisfied with my results. These summer adventures taught me a valuable lesson about life. One can definitely discover inspiration about dedication, perseverance and patience through the most bizarre goals and people. People just need to keep an open mind about outlandish ideas like green liquid for lunch.

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Comments (6)

One of the demons I’m wrestling with when it comes to my diet is keeping a high signal to noise ratio for an extended period of time. What I need is a way to keep track of my commitment, both as a reminder and a motivator. It worked pretty well with me. -

Posted by Tim | 2010-01-19

I concentrated on how the crisp, succulent tomatoes, butter lettuce, and celery made me feel really happy. I added in mushrooms for good measures too!

Posted by KevinSmith | 2010-01-21

I wouldnt laugh, pull ups are increidbly tough. They take a while to build up. Well done though!

Posted by Chris Macnab | 2010-02-01

Keep going with the diet. You must show persistence even in the absence of results. Andy

Posted by Andy Sullivan | 2010-02-02

Amelia, I like your story very much.

Posted by Jim | 2010-02-04

Diets are less of food choice and more of presistency. Ofcourse what you eat matters to a certain degree but if you can´t follow something to the end it does not matter right? :)

Posted by Ramon1982 | 2010-02-10

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