August 7, 2009 8:50 PM

I kind of hate the UC Regents

...and I still have no idea exactly who they are and what their purpose is. I do understand they control the dinero flow. Like as who gets a raise and who don't.

Re-slotting? I don't know if their noses are stuffed, but I smell a rat. It reminds me of when companies who received bailout money managed to give raises to their top execs because they wanted to keep them from leaving. Leaving to where? Jobs are scarce-who would leave a cushy job, an especially one that didn't punish them for pulling us all into this wonderful depression?

I find it funny that the regents claim private schools are doing it too. Then again, they aren't relying on public money so they can do what they want. I'm sorry, are we not voters, the money bleeders?

If the cash comes from US, doesn't that make us the BOSS-and as the boss, don't we have a say in how recklessly our EMPLOYEES use up the budget? I know -- democracy.

The same goes to BART unions.

If any law students happen to be reading, I encourage them to inform me so through the comments.

By the way, Forbes has just ranked Cal as #73. Among their many scientific methods,

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