August 26, 2009 4:14 PM

Live Blogging IB 117 Lec - 1st Day

Hello readers, I'm going to try something never done on this blog before. Something I've never done either. I am sitting in class right now and with my trusty netbook, I am blogging live what the first day of IB 117 - Medical Ethnobotany is like. Check back every few minutes to see updates!

4:16 - 400+ kids have packed into the Chan Sun Auditorium, Prof Carlson has told has where to buy the reader and is currently explaining his syllabus.

4:18 - Kids still walking in late-CRAZY!

4:19 - Ooh, hallucinogens! Man, wish I knew how to hook up a twitter account to this so I wouldn't have to wait for the blog to reload.

4:21 - My midterm is worth 45% of my grade?!!?!! Final is 55%??

4:24 - Final exam is not cumulative! Hooray!

4:26 - Have spotted one of my friends from jr. college! Should I wave my arms around like crazy to get her attention? Am thinking against it.

4:27 - Thought against it.

4:28 - Yay, she spotted me! Ooh, the lecture begins.

4:29 - Botanizing - awesomest verb.

4:36 - Apparently anthropologists love ethnobotany.

4:45 - CA is a global diversity hotspot. Ha, my bio teacher in jr college already told me that!

4:57 - Prof is showing slideshow of different healers he's met around the world.

5:06 - BREAK!!

5:15 - Break over.

5:24 - Funny how 80% of the world considers western medicine the alternative health care option.

5:29 - Quickly checked email tab, have friday's lecture powerpoint for PMB 135. Talk about efficient.

5:35 - Cocaine derivatives are used numb the eye during surgery...cooool.

5:39 - Someone wants coca seeds.

5:54 - Wants a curare plant!!!

5:56 - Class is over!

**edit - I forgot to include that during the lecture-I had raised my hand and asked how long the potency of the curare plant poison lasted-I was too stoked from speaking I forgot to blog it!

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