August 25, 2009 12:13 AM

my first day of work for the 09-10 schoolyear

i'm a security monitor here at unit 3, which means i defend the safety of incoming freshman here in the dorms. today is monday, august 24 2009, my first day of work for the 09 10 schoolyear and i feel a pressing need to blog about this momentous occasion

8:55pm: met my boss upstairs in spens black, went to the bathroom.
8:59 and 30 seconds: got swiped in
9:01: met my coworker downstairs in central, said hello how was your summer and have a good night
9:05: smashed a fly with my shoe
9:07: plugged in my dying computer
9:10: met my first RA of Unit 3, Patrick. said hello.
9:15: "when is the computer room open?" asked the freshman earnestly. "i do not know" i replied ruefully
9:20: started looking at slickdeals for contact lenses
9:45 went on my first round for the day. went up to spens black to get a pen, knocked on the window to be let in and successfully frightening eight freshmen into backing away from the door.
10:30: Eleanor comes to visit me! yay she is one of my best friends here at cal. she is writing on the new white board that they have here in the SM booth
12:15: computer froze up
12:30 did rounds again

So that's pretty much most of my central shift. it's been pretty quiet down here in the central building of Unit 3, but having a security monitor like me is pretty important to keep the residents safe!

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