August 17, 2009 5:26 PM

Plans for Fall

So as summer is coming to a close I am preparing for fall 2009 and all its difficulties grrr. I’m currently planning to take Bio 1A/L, Physics 8A, Near Eastern Studies 18 and EALC 105. I’m pretty scared for Bio as I have heard plenty of rumors about the labs and professors and as a Bio lover I’m freaking out. Even though I want to take physics I am not enrolled and am like hawk status checking the schedule every minute to see if anybody has dropped. Haha its’ even on my favorites for maximum speed. NES 18 is about ancient Egypt and I have heard is a rather chill class and the material seems rather interesting. EALC 105 is a film class that I am taking with a friend purely for fun and it is suppose to be easy and who doesn’t want to learn about movies?

Aside from school I have to take care of apartment problems and trying to be an adult. At times having bills and spending a lot of money on living necessities can sometimes be overwhelming, but so far it seems to have all worked out and I am learning so much about adulthood.
Another thing that I’m working is applying to research positions to build my application for grad school. So far the only experience with research I have is working in marine labs during high school, but I doubt that will count for grad school. Right now I am looking at URAP for a possible research opening. Too bad a lot of the good research positions are during the summer…oh well. I wish I could ask professors, but it seems pretty unlikely to ask a prof that teaches a lower div classes and expect a lab spot since most are hounded by hundreds of pre-meds.

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