August 13, 2009 11:11 AM


It's been a while since I've posted here, and now that summer school is over I finally have the time to.
This summer I took MCB 102 over here at Berkeley. For those of you who don't know, MCB102 (also known as biochemistry) is one of the major prerequisite courses for a lot of the science majors and premed kids. Despite being only 3 days a week, this class really made me work. Before summer started, I was afraid that I would be super bored, with only 12 hours of school per week but it turns out that 12 hours a week is pleeeeeeeenty.

After walking out of a terrible final that I just took, I have learned a few things about taking summerschool here...

1) don't underestimate it! just because it's only 6 or 8 weeks long doesn't mean your class will be less intense than a semester long course. In fact, it will probably be even more intense, considering you have half the time to learn a semesters worth of information.

2) Being the less-than speedy learner that I am...lecture confuses me if the teacher is talking too fast. for my case in particular, i had trouble keeping up with the concepts that my professors were lecturing on, so halfway through lecture i would find myself really lost. I found out that a good trick to keeping up with lecture is pre-reading (duh..). Unfortunately, I only got myself to do this near the end of the class (like the last week), and it did help me stay on track while listening in lecture.

3) study a little bit every day instead of cramming! it's more effective. yet no one does it.

4)take breaks to have fun. you'd be suprised what an hour of fresh air can do :)

enjoy the rest of summer! i'll update soon! ;)

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