August 21, 2009 11:19 AM

restaurant reviews

A while back, I wrote a list of recommended places to eat. Since then I've tried a few more good ones and decided to write a mini yelp review for them on this site :)

for any freshman reading, be sure to check out these places to eat!

1) Crepevine: There are at least two of these in the berkeley area, one is on ashby and the other is on shattuck by safeway. I went with a few friends and had their chicken shawerma crepe and it was really tasty! But i guess one crepe can't speak for all because my friend tried the bombay curry crepe and it was rather bland tasting to me. the service was good but nothing spectacular, but the food is definitely worth a try.

2) Creations: A relatively new froyo shop that just opened up a few months ago on shattuck and channing. I'm not much of a dessert connoisseur, so I can't honestly tell you that there is a world of difference between creations/rhinos/papamingo/yogurtland...they are all good. but the environment is colorful and nice and there are tons of flavors to choose from!

3) Taste of the Himalayas: Up on shattuck by cheeseboard and safeway. This is a restaurant serving himalayan food (duh). Chances are you may not have (knowingly) eaten himalayan food, but if you are a fan of indian food you should try this place. The food is delicious! I tried the chicken tikki masala and goat curry, both which tasted exotic and new. Defintiely a step up from say...Naan and curry over on south side. Try it!

One of the best things about berkeley is that it is surrounded by an array of ethnic foods to try. If you don't eat out in berkeley, you're missing out!

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Comments (1)

I totally agree about Taste of the Himalayas. I volunteer there for Karma Kitchen on Sundays, so I get to try some of their food. The naan chef is adorable! He's super nice and his naan is amazing. I don't think he knows much English, but he's always telling me to "Eat! Eat!" and motioning with his hands. Cheeseboard's really good, too! I've also fallen in love with Tako Sushi on Southside.

Posted by Victoria | 2009-08-23

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