August 20, 2009 10:36 PM

School once again!

Back to school again! Ready for new beginnings and a fresh start? With new goals in mind, new activities to try out, I am definitely ready to get back into shape. Don't forget, Caltopia held in the RSF gym, free! it's a great way to get free stuff, play fun games, learn about different stores/businesses near Berkeley( comcast if you need internet/cable, luna bars if you're into that stuff and are an athlete, travel companies in case you live far away and need discount tickets for that thanksgiving trip back home), food......just a great way to hang out with friends you didn't get to see all summer! Yes, it's held on Sunday and Monday!

Also, Make sure you print out your class schedule and know where your classrooms are! And don't forget to get your class pass sticker near lower Sproul! Make sure to check out any clubs you might want to join( watch for announcements), sign up for RSF membership( it's only 10 dollars for the whole semester!), use those meal points, get your books via cal student store, book exchange, ned's or friends! And good luck this semester!

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