August 18, 2009 1:38 PM

Summer 09 Recap: Part 1!

Long time no blog!

So besides taking classes for almost the entire duration of my summer "break," luckily I managed to have a few days off to visit the East Coast for the first time! (except I had to miss two classes on the second week of June).

I stayed over at my cousin and her family in Washington, D.C. and then toured around there. I finally saw the monuments, museums, and government buildings I always see on movies! The White House, Supreme Court, Washington Monument, National Archives... there's tons of places to visit there!

My favorite part was being a window away from millions of dollars when I visited the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. It was fascinating to see how money is printed--special type of paper, ink, security features, etc. I also found out that we still produce $2 bills and you can request a bank to get some for you (only if you ask for a huge amount). For souvenir I got an uncut sheet of 8x4 $2 bills (which are legally spendable if I cut them).

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Comments (1)

Great story I must admit and cool .

Posted by Justin | 2010-02-04

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