August 17, 2009 10:11 PM

summer school is over!

YAY! I'm finally done with mcb 102! It's a sad-happy farewell. Most people will tell you that summer classes are "easier." However, I truly believe it's all perspective. Good thing i didn't come into the class thinking that because I guarantee you, if you do, you are misled and may end up getting caught off guard on your midterm. While you go faster paced and cover like 2 chapters a day, there is no memorization involved, and some lessons are skipped, for this course at least. Also, even though the midterms were every two weeks, the material was fresh in my head! I know my friend who took lab class and had a 5 hour class i think twice a day... that's intense. As for the material, we cover the same amount, and it depends on whether you like to memorize or want to fully grasp the concepts. I loved summer school just because you have more time in the day to study, most students studied and worked together ( i guess, it's because most are only taking one or two classes and a job, which isn't as stressful), the professors I had were amazing! They had extra office hours, and were very helpful and loved to get to know their students more, GSI's were excellent and loved what they were doing, and with the addition of great summer weather, what' s there not to love? I learned how to grasp the concepts and actively engage in the material( which isn't something learned overnight), and that was the one goal I had intended to achieve in the beginning of the summer! yay me! I enjoyed learning the material and really knowing how to apply these facts to different scenarios instead of memorizing and regurgitating the info: it was enlightening, and felt like I had a deeper understanding of bio, made the material more satisfying= like filling in the gaps to the unfinished story in..... a way..... and you walk away content. All in all, despite summer school being expensive, it was a wonderful experience.

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