August 25, 2009 11:01 PM

the night before school

Everyone's probably sneaking their last days of fun before the crunch starts. Many, including me, are panicking. Cable internet was installed in the wrong place and my father was unable to come through with a router, so dear readers, just for you- I am standing on my balcony, freezing my buns off in order to record my thoughts before the next day begins.

Profs are coming through with bspace, decal classes still haven't been joined, free stuff was had at Caltopia, iceblocks were ridden down a hill and all apartmates are accounted for. Free food fills my belly, a won raffle bag stands at my desk empty of spoils and a grim, light bank account sits---

Who the heck is vacuuming at 11 at night? Be quiet neighbors!!!!!!

Dang it.

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