August 23, 2009 4:44 PM

The start of school….grrr!

So summer for me was filled with math and genetics, but I still managed to squeeze in some fun before school starts. After buying some of my books, I have been trying to review my physics from high school to only discover how bad I am in the subject. I’m taking 8A with Deweese so I’m hoping that I can do well if I study enough, but physics is such a strange subject that has always eluded me. The past couple of days my roommates have been bringing stuff from home so now it feels more comfortable with furniture, but I feel lazy since I rarely clean.

So this morning I went to Caltopia and apparently so did 90% of Berkeley’s student body. Although it was jammed pack like last year it still had plenty of free stuff. Besides scoring some free shirts and knick knacks I also collected enough hummus, chips, drinks and candy to make a whole meal. I might even go back tomorrow if I’m still hungry haha.

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